'X Factor' live finalist Frankie Cocozza accused of being 'a drug-taking party animal'

Frankie Cocozza X Factor

They haven't even sang on the live shows yet and already the live finalists are being accused of all sorts. The latest claim is that Frankie Cocozza, the live finalist who has seven girls' names tattooed on his bum is a 'drug-taking party animal'.

Frankie who has provoked a mixed reaction due to his antics which have seen him claim to have bedded fellow contestants at bootcamp allegedly admits to taking cannabis in a letter to friends in Malia, where he worked as a barman last year.

The Mirror reports that in the letter, Frankie writes: ''Gonna miss you boys loads, but just think of the high grade I'm gonna be toking on.'' Furthermore, a friend of Frankie admitted that he's a party animal saying: ''Frankie is a party animal and very open about smoking drugs and jumping into bed with girls. The things he gets up to aren't a great example to children watching the show. He has been warned."

However, a show spokesperson insists that Frankie is not going to waste the opportunity saying: ''The letter was written a few months ago. He knows what a great position he's in and won't do anything to ruin his chances." So do you believe the claims? Is Frankie a bad example to kids or do you think he should be allowed to live his life whatever way he wishes to?

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