The X Factor 2011: Who should make the final 16? Our take on judges' houses...

Amelia Lily X Factor 2011

Last night we saw the final 32 X Factor hopefuls sing for one last time in a bid to make next week's live shows, and this year the talent looks particularly high. However with just 16 spots to fill, four in each category must go, and we'd hate to be in the judges' position...

The girls category is one of the best in years, and frankly any four of them could make the live shows. For us, the stand out on yesterday's show has to be [tag]Amelia Lily[/tag], her cover of Katy Perry's ET was truly fantastic, and her rendition of Lady GaGa's You & I (shown on Xtra Factor) was just as good. We still find it hard to believe the bright blonde haired youngster is only 16, she has so much control in her voice must make the live shows!

Another favourite of ours in the girls category was 16-year-old Holly Repton, who hasn't featured much on the show before (indeed, yesterday was the first time she's been shown singing on ITV1). We really love the tone of her voice, although we're not expecting to see her chosen as one of final four.

Another 16-year-old, [tag]Janet Devlin[/tag], was also a stand out from yesterday's audition. Possibly Diana Vickers in disguise ("I don't wear shoes because it makes me feel more grounded," she told Kelly) her voice is both mesmerising and annoying. While we loved what we saw, we can't help but want MORE from Janet, especially if she does make the live shows...

Onto the boys and unfortunately they stumbled. Despite being such a great category, many of the performances were disappointing. The standout was [tag]Marcus Collins[/tag], who has so much confidence and a great soul voice; we want him in the final 16.

Luke Lucas is, quite simply, not ready. He's made it through to this point on his first audition alone - which, as performances go by, is starting to look like a fluke. There is a voice somewhere, but he needs a lot more work to bring it out.


Unfortunately for Tulisa, the groups aren't looking too great this year (again). Our favourites are [tag]2 Shoes[/tag] and [tag]Rhythmix[/tag], who both gave brilliant vocal performances in Greece on last night's show. The others - such as The Risk, Nu Vibe and The Keys - simply aren’t doing anything for us right now, but perhaps we need more time to get to know them.

2 Shoes, or 'Jedward with Talent', have the personality and have the voice. They're certainly not going to give any of the solo girls a run for their money, but they're probably the best duo the show has seen in the past eight years and we want to see them in next week's live shows.

The Overs seem to be one of the strangest bunches of singers ever put together, and with Sinitta and Louis Walsh judging them, it became even weirder.

Our favourite? [tag]Kitty Brucknell[/tag]. She's absolutely bonkers but can actually sing. It's a pity she ruined her rather 'normal' performance on last night's show by pointlessly jumping in the pool afterwards, but it was her best vocal to date.

Amelia Lily

With Goldie quitting, the remainder of the category are all seemingly just making up the numbers. There's Terry, Jonjo and Joe, all of whom are just so dull to watch and perform. Sami Brookes wowed us with her audition, but her follow up performances have become more and more karaoke.

Johnny Robinson certainly has the personality, but his voice grates. Carolynne Poole is probably by far the most talented of the lot, but with most of her performance ruined by shoddy editing of her talking over it, it's tough to judge.

If we had it our way we'd have all of the final eight girls through to the live shows, at the expense of some of the filler from the groups and overs categories. As that's unlikely to happen, our tips from the four groups are: Amelia, Marcus, 2 Shoes and Kitty.

Find out tonight who makes the cut!

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