X Factor 2011: OMG! Kitty Brucknell blasts little Janet Devlin!

Kitty Brucknell x factor

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear Kitty! While there's quite a few of The X Factor hopefuls you could've picked on, little Janet Devlin wasn't quite the best choice! The 26-year-old this week moaned about the 16-year-old Irish singer, saying she has been given everything to her on a plate.

Kitty, who has a string of jobs including working as a Lady GaGa impersonator and a "honeytrap" girl, slammed the young singer when talking a pal.

According to The Mirror, jealous Kitty ranted: “I’ve been gigging for the past 10 years, I’ve finally made it on to The X ­Factor after years of hard graft. I’ve done the karaoke circuit, corporate gigs, my whole life is performing and singing.

“But I have no chance if I’m pitted against a 16-year-old girl who is being given the opportunity on a plate.”

We'll find out if Kitty or Janet has made it through to the live shows tonight and if both of them have it doesn't look like it'll be pretty between the pair!

A source said: “Kitty doesn’t like most of the girls but she’s especially worried by Janet. She’s ­convinced she is being set up to do really well in the competition.”

Oh Kitty...

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