X Factor 2011: Terry Winstanley blasts 'waste of space' Louis Walsh

Terry Winstanley (X Factor 2011)

X Factor 2011 hopeful Terry Winstanley has blasted mentor Louis Walsh, branding the Irish judge a waste of space. In an interview today, Terry claimed that Louis "didn't give a toss" about his acts, saying that they only saw Louis three times during the whole of filming judges' houses.

Louis had apparently promised: “I’m going to pick a great song, and I’m going to watch them and test them. I want to get the best out of them, to see if they are going to work, and are up to the pressure.”

But speaking to The People, Terry revealed: “Louis doesn’t give a toss about us, he was useless.

“We saw him three times – when he ­welcomed us to Barcelona, when we sang and for his final decision. He gave us no advice, no inspiration at all. That’s not a mentor.

“I sent him loads of emails, and barely heard a few words back.


“When he eventually ­replied on email about our song choices, he told us to make our own ­decision about what we wanted to sing. Not exactly what he’s said in front of the cameras.”

Terry also hit out at Louis' pal Sinitta, adding: "Sinitta joined Louis to listen to our songs, but she barely said anything at all. It was very obvious the two of them had no time for each other. It was pathetic.”

And he also admitted to wanting another of the show's new judges as a mentor, saying: “I would loved to have had Kelly as a mentor. Even Tulisa, who has the least experience, would have been better than Louis."

But a show insider - maybe Louis Walsh in disguise - hit back at the claims. They said: “The real mentoring in the show will not start until the live episodes when Louis will be extremely hands-on, just as he promised and he is bound to do a great job.”

We'll see tonight if Terry makes it through, although we reckon his thoughts are probably a good indicator...

PIC: Copyright Talkback Thames/Ken McKay

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