Coincidental news story of the week: Steps claim they were asked to perform on The X Factor two years ago!

Steps have claimed that The X Factor have asked them to perform live before. The bubblegum pop band who are coincidentally (we're sure) releasing their greatest hits album later this year claim they were asked to perform on the show two years ago.

The cheesy band who were big in the 90's recently reformed as part of a documentary series for Sky Living ahead of the release of their Ultimate Collection album later this year and revealed in an interview with Digital Spy that they were asked to perform on the ITV1 talent show in 2009.

''We were actually asked to perform on The X Factor a couple of years ago,'' revealed Lisa Scott-Lee. She added: ''We nearly agreed but timing wasn't right for us to get back together. We wouldn't say no to a Steps-dedicated week on this year's show though! It's a great show because it gives new talent a platform but there's the flip side to that - it's not always necessarily about the music and longevity."

Voicing his opinion on the show, Lee Latchford-Evans (the boy who isn't H) said: ''The new judges are great - it was definitely time for fresh blood. They're very now and they connect with a 'now' audience. People can relate to this lineup.'' Meanwhile, Lisa piped in: ''Gary is looking so hot on it as well. I used to be all about Robbie but now I'm a Gary woman!"

Steps release their Ultimate Collection album on October 10. Maybe they'll get their live performance after all. (Or on second thoughts, maybe not)

*Disclaimer: No members of Steps were hurt in the writing of this article, we do like cheesy music, really, we do.

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