X Factor 2011: Kelly Rowland talks about her final eight Girls!

Final 8 Girls in Miami

The competition category in the girls category is hotter than ever this year, so what does their mentor Kelly Rowland make of the final eight stars that have made it to judges' houses? Here's what the former Destiny’s Child had to say about her potential finalists after bootcamp!

Tune into The X Factor 2011 this weekend to see which four make it to the live shows...

On [tag]Amelia Lily[/tag]: “She really surprised me, the last day of bootcamp. She came out and I was like ‘Who?’ then she started singing and I was like ‘Oh... Amelia!’ I need to hear more about that person.”

On [tag]Janet Devlin[/tag]: “In this competition she's got to know what she brings, that's something so unique and silent and genuine.”

On [tag]Jade Richards[/tag]: “I love jade, she's silent but deadly. She’s silent and when she starts to sing she can blow some things out of the water.”

On [tag]Melanie McCabe[/tag]: “This girl sings like it's breathing! Such a big voice in this little body.”

On [tag]Holly Repton[/tag]: “It's so funny because for her to be so young, she comes off a little older, so I want her to embrace her younger side.”

On [tag]Sophie Habibis[/tag]: “Her eyes are so real and true, the same as her voice. When you listen to her voice you feel like it's a part of you. She makes you feel so relaxed, I can hear her on a record.”

On [tag]Misha Bryan[/tag] “She is a beast. I love the fact she has something to say, I love that she's the voice of a new generation. I love that she's multitalented and creative. She rocked the hell out of survivor.”

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