X Factor 2011: Tulisa angry with 'bitchy' Kelly Rowland!

Kelly Rowland 2011

Oh dear, it sounds like it's all kicking off behind the scenes on The X Factor this year, and it's not the contestants causing the trouble! Insiders, who seemingly can't keep their mouth shut, have revealed that Tulisa is "on the warpath" after hearing that Kelly Rowland has been bitching about her!

According to sources, Kelly has been caught out talking about Tulisa behind her back to members of the crew, and it's all about to kick off.

Despite the pair's insistence in public that they're getting on fine, an X Factor insider blabbed: "Tulisa's on the warpath after getting wind of rumours that Kelly has been less than complimentary about her outfits and called her a loudmouth so some of the crew."

And proving what Kelly had apparently said to be pretty much spot on, loud mouth Tulisa wants answers.

Speaking to Closer magazine, the source continued: "But Tulisa's not one to hold back and she's determined to ask Kelly what her problem is. There are going to be fireworks soon."

The insider adds that even Louis Walsh has stepped in to keep the peace!

One thing is for sure, we can't wait to the live shows start next month, who knows what will kick off?!

PIC: Coypright ITV/Syco/Talkback Thames

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