X Factor 2011: 'I have more than one winner' boasts Kelly Rowland!

Final 8 Girls in Miami

X Factor star Kelly Rowland is getting perhaps a little too confident with her acts on the show this year, boasting today she had more than one winner amongst her final four girls! There's nothing wrong with being confident, we suppose...

And having control of the ultra competitive Girls’ category, Kelly is probably telling the truth.

She declared: “I haven’t got a winner, I’ve got SOME winners.

“My girls are powerhouses and I think we have people who’ll give X Factor a completely different feeling. This is a hard list I’m going to have to narrow down. I’m worried about telling them."

Kelly also said she was after an international star from this year's competition.

She explained: “All I’ve looked for is a global star. Me and Tulisa will differ. I heard Tulisa say, ‘We’re looking for that next big UK star’, and I said, ‘Well I’m looking for the next international star because you can’t just put someone in a box, you give them everything they deserve. That’s what they’re here for, they’re here for international success.

“I want them to be better than me, better than Gaga and better than Beyonce. Each generation is meant to be better.”

Find out who makes the X Factor final 16 on Sunday night.

PIC: Copyright ITV/Syco/Talkback Thames/Nicky Johnson

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