X Factor 2011: Tulisa talks about her final eight Groups!

The Lovettes X Factor

This weekend we'll see new X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos take on the unenviable task of trying to select four groups for the live shows. With the notoriously weak category again looking thin on the ground in terms of talent, what does Tulisa make of her hopefuls?

Things were so bad in the category that the panel could only find seven groups to make it through to judges' houses - and three of those were made by the judges themselves at boortcamp.

With an eighth group, Rythmix, hastily being added at the last minute, does Tulisa think she can win it? Here's what she had to say about her final eight contestants...

On [tag]2 Shoes[/tag]: “In their second audition I knew they had something in them. I want to take what they've got and blow it up, exaggerate it.”

On [tag]Girl v Boy[/tag]: “It's a love story, X Factor needs a bit of love. They're good, they don't just come along and act like little pop tarts, they really sing.”


On [tag]The Keys[/tag]: “The Keys are all about the vocals. They're going to be the band that people want to listen to, and go 'wow'”

On [tag]Estrella[/tag]: "They bring the old school vibe. That old school girl group, they're such nice girls. Instead of getting girls that dress up sexy, I want girls who are going to stand up and say 'This is what we're here for'."

On [tag]Nu Vibe[/tag]: "I want them to say 'This is what I'm about' and accommodate each other and help them grow together. I was going to call them TLM, Tulisa's little muffins!"

On [tag]Rhythmix[/tag]: "They're so cute, so young and so fresh. I want to do something different with them."

On [tag]The Lovettes[/tag]: "We need that new Destiny's Child. I'm not afraid to turn around to Kelly and ask for advice. It's about doing what's best for the contestants."

On [tag]The Risk[/tag]: "We need to find a boy band that the daughters will love and the mums will love too, I think The Risk have that. They're all genuine boys and hard workers... Obviously the look helps. "

Tune into The X Factor this weekend to see which four make it through!

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