Who should make The X Factor live shows based on how their name will sound when read out by Peter Dickson

Frankie Cocozza x factor

While we're still not completely over the fact that we won't be hearing X Factor voiceover man Peter Dickson wonderfully bellowing out Tulisa Contostavlos this year, but we're now looking ahead to the live shows. Here’s who we want in... based on nothing more than how good their names will sound when being read out before their performance.

Unfortunately with names like Joe Cox and 2 Shoes in the running, it doesn't look like we'll be getting another John Adeleye this year. Sadface.

None the less, here are our top 5:

1) Terry Winstanley
2) Frankie Cocozza
3) Sophie Habibis
4) John Wilding
5) Melanie McCabe

Very good, however it would have been a lot better if Natasha Zimbaro and Francis Alejandro had got past bootcamp.

Unfortunately we will not be seeing this again:

Or, while we're not the topic of Rachel Adedeji, this:

Poor Rachel.

PIC: Coypright ITV/Syco/Talkback Thames

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