Matt Cardle 'desperate to ditch X Factor tag'... but will still plug his single on the live shows

Matt Cardle

Ridiculous X Factor winner Matt 'Credible Artist' Cardle has said he's "desperate" to ditch his association with The X Factor. However he's not so desperate to get away from the show that he won't be plugging his latest single on the first live results programme next month.

Matt had said: "I'm desperate to shake off The X Factor tag now. It's all about shaking the X when it comes to the music I'm about to release."

But despite saying it was time for him to "move on" from the show, he'll be performing again in just under three weeks time to plug his new single, written by X Factor judge Gary Barlow.

Matt revealed: “I will be crapping my pants once again on that show, but I will be with my band and singing something I really feel.”

He added: “I thought it would be great because Simon [Cowell] won’t be there and he won’t be judging me with his hawk eye, but Gary wrote that track and I want to sing it with the conviction it deserves.”

We'd rather have Goldie back...

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