X Factor 2011: Ceri Rees promises not to audition again

Ceri Rees (X Factor 2011)

It seems we won't be seeing Ceri Rees back on The X Factor next year, with the 54-year-old reportedly promising her family that she wouldn't be trying out for the show again. Ceri returned for a fourth attempt this year, but her audition was met by criticism from viewers.

The Welsh widow was made to sing two songs for the judges, and was apparently humiliated by Gary Barlow, before finally being rejected once again.

But according to The Mirror, Ceri has reassured relatives she won't be returning for another appearance after her latest setback.

A family friend told the newspaper: "She has been in tears every day since it was screened. Going back would be awful and she's finally realised.

"Ceri builds herself up, and the X Factor also build her up so by the time she goes on stage she thinks she'll be a star.

But it all goes wrong and we're left to pick up the pieces."

The friend added that Ceri had kept her latest audition secret from family and friends, as she knew they would try and stop her.

PIC: Copyright Talkback Thames/Ken McKay

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