X Factor 2011: Louis Walsh talks about his final eight Overs!

Johnny Robinson X Factor

On Sunday The X Factor 2011 final 32 revealed, and here is exactly what mentor Louis thinks of his final eight Over 25 contestants. Kitty Brucknell, Goldie, Johnny Robinson, Jonjo Kerr, Sami Brookes, Carolynne Poole, Joseph Gilligan, Terry Winstanley will all be fighting out for a place at judges’ houses this weekend.

Just four of them will make it to the live shows. Find out who from this Saturday night on ITV1.

On [tag]Johnny Robinson[/tag]: "Johnny is so likeable. He's a character, he's fun. He ticks every box people are going to love Johnny. He's so humble, and when he sings it's incredible."

On [tag]Carolynne Poole[/tag]: "She's beautiful but I want her to be different. I don't want her to be just another girl singing on the show. My category has to stand out, maybe she could be good country singer."

On [tag]Terry Winstanley[/tag]: "He messed up but I wouldn't have him singing a U2 song. I'm going to keep to the big classics, to the old school. I think hes a great singer."


On [tag]Sami Brookes[/tag]: "Big, big voice. Big personality. I think she could sing everything.

On [tag]Joseph Gilligan[/tag]: "He's got the voice. A lot of work to do on the personality and get the 'Oomph' out of him, but he's definitely got the voice."

On [tag]Goldie Cheung[/tag] before she quit: "I'll have her jumping through hoops."

On [tag]Jonjo Kerr[/tag]: "Jonjo is so unusual and he's so likeable. I worry a little about him on the live shows, and the stress but the positive is when he's on it he's great."

On [tag]Kitty Brucknell[/tag]: "She can sing she's very emotional and she's very ambitious. She will do anything to be famous and she will do whatever I want her to do. She'll have a following, a big, big following. "

Louis said: "I think I've got some very unusual people. I think my category will be just global stars, they're different, they're going to stand out."

The X Factor continues this Saturday on ITV1.

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