The X Factor 2011: Dean 'Midas' Maynard reviews bootcamp!

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Batten down the hatches and get ready for the storm... it's time for a review of Sunday's final bootcamp show! By the end of the second instalment’s show 61 hopefuls would become just 32 and head off to judges houses, and they had only one performance to fight for their place...

Part one was all about Misha Bryan, and boy can she sing. Misha did a fantastic version of Destiny Child's “Survivor” and got the show off to a brilliant start. A certain Finalist.

Best of the rest from this segment were Amelia Lily, Jade Richards and Melanie McCabe.

Next up was 'rocker' David Wilding who sang Lady GaGa's Edge of glory... he took me to the Edge alright.

Now, I could be wrong but if David had just taken to the stage and sung, he may still be in the competition, but the way he over acted on the stage, thinking he was already famous, just helped make the judge’s decision very easy. Next.

In the next segment of auditions we saw my friend Chrissie Pitt jump on the judges table. It didn’t go down too well with Gary Barlow. Francis Cadoso was up next, and one thing that stood out from his performance was that Francis is one hell of a dancer.

We then enjoyed Kendro doing their own song 'Do the Kendro' which didn't go down too well with Gary but Kelly and Tulisa loved it... a top ten hit beckons.


Then up next was Lady GaGa, what do you mean it's not....? The annoying thing with Kitty Brucknell is that she can actually sing. The outfit however did her no favours and I would not dare repeat what Chris Moyles said about her outfit on his show. Let's just say it wasn't complimentary.

I know Kitty has been sent to annoy us and I also know she will no doubt get to the live shows, so I am going to try not to get too angry when she is still there in 5 or so weeks. Wagner anybody??

The next round up of auditions were all very disappointing. Frankie Cocozza's vocal is just not strong enough and Gary even highlighted the fact in his summary. So not sure where they are wanting to take this.

James Michael, Marcus Collins, John Wilding and the Keys are all in reality better than their segment suggested and all made judges houses.

Judges X Factor 2011

Goldie's performance gave me Gary Barlow's quote of the show when he said that he was "very concerned at this point because she is still here". It has been widely reported that Goldie has quit the show but she really should never have been put through in the first place.

The new groups section was very forgettable mainly because we didn't see enough of the acts performing. Not a good sign.

Terry Winstanley finished this part of the show and although he forgot his words, I like the guy and he deserves his moment in the spotlight.

So as we drew to the end of the auditions it was Midas Act Janet Devlin's turn in the spotlight.

16-year-old [tag]Janet Devlin[/tag] sang Aerosmith's 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing", and along with Misha Bryan it was the performance of the night. Kelly Rowland clearly loves her and could be seen saying "You are wonderful" Louis Walsh finished by saying that Janet is "the one to beat"... I hope you are right, Mr Walsh.

During the last audition feature we saw great performances by Craig Colton and Sami Brookes. I like Sami, she is very infectious.

So that was it, all over, no more chances...the judges would now decide the acts fates.

First up was the boys: Most of the favourites got through but the big shocks were the exits of Lascel Wood and John Adams. Watch out for John Adams though. He will be back.

During the boys announcement we saw 16 year old Niall Sexton, who made the last few boys, but we never ever saw him sing? Well I went on YouTube and found him and boy can he sing. A future star in the making.

The groups were full of acts we had only briefly seen, with ony The Keys and 2 Shoes having been shown on the main show during the seven audition episodes.

The Overs saw the exit of my friend Chrissie Pitt, who I know will go on to do well away from the show. I am also glad that the likeable Sami Brookes, Johnny Robinson and Terry Winstanley got through... but Kitty and Goldie still remain.

The final category to be told their fate was the very strong girls category. Midas Act Janet Devlin safely made it through, as did [tag]Amelia Lily[/tag], Misha Bryan and Jade Richards. Nicole Simpson's journey ended here but as I touched upon on my bootcamp review one, she is one to watch.

The show finished with the judges being told their categories:

Kelly Rowland - The Girls, Louis Walsh - The Overs, Gary Barlow - The Boys, Tulisa - The Groups.

At this stage the Girls are clearly the ones to beat and by this time next the X Factor Finalists for 2011 will be decided.

Right I need a lie down...

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