The X Factor 2011: The judges find out their categories!

X Factor 2011 judges

The X Factor 2011 judges this evening found out which categories they'd be mentoring - and everyone seem happy with the outcome! Kelly Rowland will be mentoring the girls, Tulisa the groups, Gary Barlow the boys and finally Louis Walsh is left with the Overs.

Before finding out who they will be mentoring, Tulisa said: "The category that I need in my life are the Groups."

Gary told cameras: "There's no question for me, the Boys is the best category. If I get the groups or the Overs I'm leaving!"

Meanwhile Louis said: "In an ideal world I would forget the Boys," while Kelly added: "I have a feeling they're going to give me the Boys."

Gary was the first to find out his category, mentoring the boys.

He said: "Oh my goodness, I can't believe it, and you know what the lucky thing for you guys is, this is my first year and I'm going to be on you 24-hours a day...I want to share with you my 20-years of experience in this industry and help you to be by the end of the competition the best that you can be...I'm so thrilled...we're going to Los Angeles!"


The boy were unsurprisingly overjoyed, with [tag]Craig Colton[/tag] remarking: "Complete madness, I'm so excited."

Hopeful [tag]Joe Cox[/tag] added: "That's the best outcome I could have hoped for."

Next up, Louis was revealed as the mentor of the Overs category, and will be jetting out to... Barcelona to pick his finalists.

Then Kelly found out she was going to mentor the hottest category this year, the girls. She said: "Oh boy, are we going to have some fun...oh my God...we got to win this, confidence is key, you got to communicate with me, I really mean, that, any questions, there are no crazy questions, there are no stupid questions, every question you ask me, I don't care what time it is, I'm here for you, I really mean that, no crazy Hollywood do you guys know where you're going for Judges' Houses? Miami!"

Finally, Tulisa found out she had been given the groups.

She told them: "Guys, you can't even imagine how emotional I'm feeling right now, from now on, honestly, I am here one-hundred per cent for all of you, from the bottom of my you want know where you're going for Judges' Houses? You guys are coming to join me in Greece."

And the feisty N-Dubz star told Dermot: "I now want to be the first X Factor judge to take the groups to the finals and win the competition, here comes the competition, now I'm ready"

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