The X Factor 2011 bootcamp: Dean 'Midas' Maynard's show one review!

Goldie X Factor

Stand to attention one and all.... it’s now time for my review of the X Factor Bootcamp 2011. This weekend, 187 hopefuls will become just 32. So, who continued to impress, who came from nowhere and who disappointed... Read on!

The show started with scenes of the “Welcome Party”. All having a good time, relaxing before the serious stuff was to begin. I wonder if there were any sore heads?

What came next certainly woke a few sleepy heads. It was announced that the judges would cut 40 acts, even before they had a chance to sing... perhaps a sensible move. I’m sure the judges didn’t want to be reminded of some the acts that had been put through, Goldie Chung for example. Oops my mistake she’s still there! (or was!)

So, as they were all called together, you could see the fear in their faces. Sadly it was time to say goodbye.

The remaining acts were then put in to groups and given songs to rehearse and perform later on that day.

The make up of the groups was interesting, each group would have at least a couple of the favourites in together. Kitty Brucknell found herself facing strong competition from within her group, with a strong vocal coming from Honey Shazab.

They fell out immediately, both wanting to sing the same powerful line, “You’ve got the love.” In the end they both had the chance. To be honest Honey did sing it better, but Kitty must have the X Factor over her as it was Honey that we waved goodbye to.

Not to be forgotten in this same group, we also heard Terry Winstanley. He belted out his line and the judges loved him.

We then enjoyed further group performances, Amelia Liley & Max Vickers standing out from this rather swift montage.

Next up, was the enigmatic Frankie Cocozza, who it would be fair to say, has an eye for the ladies. The judges raved about his vocal, but for me it was just not that great. Some of the texts I received about his performance would certainly not be allowed to be read out before the 9pm watershed.

I have no doubt he will make the live shows, as he is a bit of a cheeky chappy, but as in Louis’ words “I just don’t get it!”

Midas act Janet Devlin was next and being slightly biased I thought she was brilliant, Gary Barlow even said her vocal gave him “Goosebumps”

Three of the biggest disappointments were Derry Mensah, Luke Lucas and The Keys. They all had fantastic first auditions but their second attempts were very disappointing. A bit off key some would say.


In the best of the rest, Marcus Collins, Carolynne Poole, Sami Brookes and Jade Richards all gave great performances.

As each audition is aired, Sami is looking like a very strong contender.

One of the hidden treasures for me, (aside for Janet of course), came from the voice of 16 year old Nicole Simpson. We had never seen or heard from her before last night’s show but her voice, confidence and natural talent oozed out from the television. It is frustrating when we don’t get to hear more talent throughout the initial auditions. A big star in the making, I feel, on or away from this show.

As the show drew to a close, the acts were recalled in their groups back to the stage and another 40 were dismissed. It’s really hard to watch but in this game, the knock backs can only make you stronger. Remember guys, the famous faces on the panel have all lived through rejections and disappointments.

All the favourites (and not so favourites) made it through too day two, but I did feel for Lizzie Colbourne who was not put through after forgetting her words during her audition, I am not saying that is right but I really did feel sorry her and I wish her all the luck in the world for the future.

So, as show one came to an end, I kept thinking about how much they are going on about the “New Generation”. Well it may be new, but the same old rules apply.... Goldie, the token novelty act got through. We have to have one!

My good friend Chrissie Pitt, also made it through to day 2 and her great audition was shown on the Xtra Factor straight after the main show. Go Chrissie.

That’s Bootcamp show one reviewed... you can now all relax!

PIC: Copyright Talkback Thames/Ken McKay

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