X Factor 2011 bootcamp: Hopefuls struggle with dancing!


This year's X Factor 2011 bootcampers have been struggling learning to dance. As in previous years, the remaining hopefuls have been given a tough choreography master class to prepare them for the live shows, and some hopefuls have found it tough going...

"The choreography has been hard," admits Welsh wannabe [tag]Sami Brookes[/tag]. "If I've had a Sambuca I think I'm Beyonce, but I'm dyslexic so I get my left and right muddled up."

Meanwhile 16-year-old [tag]Luke Lucas[/tag] has gone one step further than the other hopefuls by taking personal dance lessons between the bootcamp performances. The cheeky 16-year-old wants "to make sure his moves are as smooth as his voice" in order to get through to judges' houses.

Meanwhile [tag]Frankie Cocozza[/tag] described the dance aspect the hardest part of this year's bootcamp. He said: "The hardest bit is the choreography. I'm such a bad dancer.

"When I get hammered I think I'm amazing — but all these steps are so hard."

But not everyone found it hard, with Kitty Brucknell itching to get started. She added: "I want to grind up against a guitarist and bend over backwards – stuff like that. I even have a rubber bikini at home.”

Last year's bootcamp dance class saw Mary Byrne struggle, while One Direction member Zayn Malik flat out refused to take part!

The scenes will air as part of The X Factor boot camp double bill this Saturday and Sunday.