X Factor 2011: Chaos with the Groups at bootcamp and judges' houses!

The Keys X Factor 2011

The X Factor groups category is looking more messy than ever this year, with break ups, tears and utter chaos during the bootcamp and judges' houses. The contestants in the notoriously weak category have seen a complete mix up which will be broadcast over the coming weeks.

We can reveal just 15 groups made it through to bootcamp, thanks in part to new judge Kelly Rowland's extremely high standards, and the struggle bands have had on the show before.

With such talent in the boys and girls category it was inevitable that some groups would form at bootcamp, and sure enough they did - eight of them in fact. Some flopped there and then, and just a handful made survived the cut to judges' houses.

We're not going to reveal which contestants have gone into which group, but can say that the names of the groups include 'The Vibe', 'Faux Pas' and 'The Risk'.

Speaking during bootcamp last month, Kelly Rowland revealed that the judges were still "shaping" the groups, saying the results were “looking phenomenal!"


But it seems like the "shaping" of the Groups category hasn't stopped at bootcamp, with some of the bands splitting up and reforming right up until the last minute at judges' houses.

Again, we're not going to spoil it (mainly because, if we're honest, we're not entirely sure who has ended up in what group), other than to say this year's judges' houses is set to be more dramatic than ever - so expect plenty of tears when it all airs in two weeks' time!

With One Direction going on to achieve so much success last year, can one of this year's groups go all the way and win?

The X Factor 2011 boot camp airs this Saturday and Sunday.

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