The X Factor 2011: Why is the talent being edited out?

James Michael X Factor 2011

Having been blogging and writing about The X Factor for years, I certainly realise that the show is as much about entertainment as it actually is about singing. However it seems certainly this year the editing of the audition shows has cut more talent out of the show than ever.

Last weekend's final two audition shows proved that more than most.

Saturday's first episode started with Natasha, who repeated her exact same "sexy dance moves" audition as she did for Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole last year. "I dance a lot when I sing and Simon said to Cheryl that he thought I had had a drink," she said of her original audition.

Repeated "funny" auditions were common place throughout the weekend. Deep Dhillon also previously featured on the show, having done a similar audition with dance moves for Pussycat Dolls hit "Don't Cha" back in 2009. And show's editors made a big deal about Ceri Rees returning for a fourth time, and still as bad.

It was a very underwhelming end to the auditions.

Myself and a number of the people who contribute to TellyMix were lucky enough to take a seat at some of this year's live audition recordings, and were looking forward to seeing some of the great talent on telly this month. Unfortunately little of what we saw live ever made the final cut.

Acts such as [tag]Melanie McCabe[/tag], who wowed the judges, had her original performance cut out completely, instead replaced by a short extract of Rihanna's Only Girl, which Kelly Rowland had asked her to sing.

Stunning [tag]Carolynne Poole[/tag] had all of the judges on her feet with her performance, with Gary declaring they had "found a winner" at the Manchester auditions. On TV however we only caught a glimpse of her epic performance.

But at least Melanie and Carolynne made it onto TV at all.

Carolynne Sarah Melanie

Kelly Rowland was raving about 17-yearold Lauren Rammell after she belted out Queen's Somebody To Love the Manchester auditions, while Welsh auditionees Megan Burke and Chelsea Redfern both received standing ovations after their performances. Girl Group [tag]Estrella[/tag] impressed in Liverpool, showing hope for the usually weak category. But not a single one of those acts made it into the show.

Instead, we were treated to Neil and Maragret Sinclair, a couple who from the off were predictably going to be rubbish, and they weren't particularly funny or interesting with it either.

Michael Lewis was also back, and like others before him put on the same show we had seen in previous years.

Bizarrely, this year's Xtra Factor show seemed to be showing more new auditionees than the main show, and many - such as Jamie Bruce - were more talented, too.

Obviously the show needs to have a mix of good and bad, but I can't help but feel this year that the mix went in the wrong direction, and certainly wasn't helped by the fact that many of the bad acts had been on the show before.

With bootcamp to come this weekend, I hope that we all finally start to see more of the actual talent on show, instead of the deluded hopefuls who return year and year - and still manage to make it on screen.

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