OMG! It's the final audition show of The X Factor 2011! Here's what's to come...

Deep (X Factor 2011)

The past five weeks have gone so fast, and by tonight, we'll have seen the winner of The X Factor 2011! It's the final audition show from 8PM on ITV1 and there's still a bunch of talented - and wacky - hopefuls for the judges to see...

The judges start today's final auditions in London, and Tulisa reveals her confidence has grown throughout the series: "I'm a lot firmer now than when I first started, so now the bar for me is right up there."

Married couple Margaret and Neil Sinclair open the show, auditioning together - but as separate solo acts. The pair met on an internet dating site and have been love ever since, sharing a passion for music.

16-year-old [tag]Bradley Johnson[/tag] is next up to face the judges, leading a string of young lads that impress the judges. [tag]Max Vickers[/tag], [tag]Anthony Cheesman[/tag] and [tag]Joe Cox[/tag] all want to follow in the footsteps of Xtra Factor host Olly Murs.

The Overs category is also out in force on tonight's final show with both [tag]Terry Winstanley[/tag] and [tag]Carolynne Poole[/tag] impressing the panel, while [tag]Marlon McKenzie[/tag] returns for a third shot at fame.

Other returning acts for this final episode include [tag]Deep Dhillon[/tag], whose moves to Pussycat Dolls hit 'Don't Cha' became iconic in 2009. [tag]Ceri Rees[/tag] also returns for a fourth time, hoping Simon Cowell's absence will see her succeed this year.

The X Factor 2011 airs tonight at 8PM on ITV1. The Xtra Factor follows at 9PM on ITV2.