X Factor 2011: Natasha's sexy dance moves fail to win over Gary Barlow

Natasha Ali (X Factor 2011)

23-year-old Natasha Paton Ali from Swansea failed to win over the judges this evening, in particular Gary Barlow, with her "sexy dance moves". Auditioning for The X Factor for the second time, Natasha showed the panel a little more than they bargained for.

She told the judges before her audition: "Well, I’ve had quite a lot of singing lessons, I was singing through my nose at first, but now I sing through my mouth.

"When I rehearse, I rehearse in my bedroom or my living room, because I sing and dance at the same time, and I like doing sexy dancing!"

Performing Cascada's Every Time We Touch, a wardrobe malfunction thanks to her skimpy purple dress was the least of her worries.

Kelly joked: "You know, you gave us all quite the show today, you know, there was a lot happening on stage, babe that we couldn’t pay attention to the vocals so much."

Being a tad more serious, Tulisa told Natasha: "I don’t understand why one of your family members or friends haven’t told you how bad you sound. Honestly, literally, I don’t find it very fair that someone hasn’t told you that you can’t sing. "

When it came to the voting, it was three nos and one never for Natasha, with Louis saying: "I'm not say no, I'm say never".

Gary advised: "Next time you book singing lessons, make sure there’s a refund policy."

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PIC: Copyright Talkback Thames/Ken McKay