X Factor 2011: Michelle Barrett has Tulisa in floods of tears!

Michelle Barrett (X Factor 2011)

Poor X Factor judge Tulisa is left in floods of tears on tonight's X Factor 2011 audition show, following an emotional performance by 31-year-old Michelle Barrett. The Irish hopeful strikes a chord with N-Dubz star Tulisa, who breaks down at the judges' desk.

Speaking before her audition, Michelle reveals: "I’m a full time mummy. I have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. It’s the most fantastic job in the world, singing it really is in my blood, I’ve always wanted to do it, since I was really small, but having 4 kids, you think that’s it, that’s the end of that but I never gave up on it, I never put it to bed, for good.

"My family are brilliant, they’ve always said you should go on X Factor and for years I said, yeah yeah, but I think the time is right now, that I could pursue it you know? For me to make a better life for me and Steven and the kids doing what I absolutely love. I’m getting a bit emotional! It would be just incredible. I don’t think I will get this opportunity ever again, Please God I hold it together and do it well! "

Following a performance of All The Man I Need by Whitney Houston, Tulisa sees her own mum in Michelle.

The usually feisty judge appears vulnerable, she says: "You remind me of my mum. It was brilliant. Just like you she had such a beautiful voice and she didn’t do anything with it, and you guys are going think I’m nuts, sorry, this is a mummy and daughter thing going on."


Her voice croaking, Tulisa continued: "It’s just, you know, like standing in the kitchen listening to her sing, she just had the most amazing voice…. and I wish she would do something like this and get up and… "

In tears, Tulisa tells her fellow judges: "Go on you guys take it for a sec."

But as Gary tells Michelle: "I can’t believe you’ve hidden that voice away while you’ve had 4 lovely children," Tulisa breaks down.

She sniffles: "Me and my mum have got this really powerful relationship - she’s the reason that I sing. She had the most powerful voice and never did anything with it - you know, she had me, she became unwell and then you know, she spent her life still singing in the kitchen, and I wish she’d got up and done that because she has a voice just like that. Amazing. I can’t believe I just got that emotional."

With Michelle off stage, Tulisa says privately: "My mates take the mick out of me! They say, ‘god, getting emotion out of you is like drawing blood out of a stone,’ but that’s it, if you bring my mum into it then that’s it, that’s when you get the tears!"

The scenes are sure to cause tears at home when they air tonight at 8PM on ITV1.

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