JLS's Oritse Williams spent his teenage years snogning his Mariah Carey poster!


JLS star Oritsé Williams may now have thousands of girls after him, but the 23-year-old singer this week admitted he spent his teenage years snogging a Mariah Carey poster on his bedroom wall! The former X Factor finalist even confessed it wasn't just her lips he was getting up close to...

Oritsé revealed: “I’m going to be 100% honest, I didn’t just snog on her lips, I got involved in between her two water- melons as well. There must be other men that’ve done it as well.

“And I snogged Beyoncé on the Destiny’s Child poster.”

Let's hope Kelly doesn't hear him say that.

Meanwhile Ortise revealed that band mate Marvin Humes is well and truly under the thumb of girlfriend Rochelle Wiseman. He explained: "Rochelle has told Marvin about himself a few times,

“If Marvin gets a little too excited with himself Rochelle tells him ‘you’ve got to chill out’ and us boys then start laughing and cracking up all over the floor.

“You know, she points that wand and he has to react, it’s hilarious.”

The boys will release their third album Jukebox later this year.

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