X Factor 2011 hopeful Luke Lucas spent boot camp staring at boobs!

Luke Lucas X Factor 2011

Cheeky X Factor hopeful Luke Lucas has been branded a 'pest' at this year's bootcamp, after spending his time starring at the boobs of the female contestants! The 16-year-old originally wowed the judges with his performance of Michael Jackson's 'Who's Loving You?', and quickly found himself a fan in Tulisa.

She said following his audition in Liverpool earlier this month: "I just want to squeeze his little cheeks off him, you are so cute, where did that voice come from?"

She added: "You are going to woo the ladies in this competition."

The teenager even managed to get a kiss off of the N-Dubz star, leading him to joke after coming off stage: "Tulisa kissed me! That was amazing, I think this might lead to a proposal."

But it sounds like all the praise has gone straight to [tag]Luke Lucas[/tag]'s head.

An insider explained to Reveal magazine: "People have been calling him 'Justin Bieber' and he is loving it and playing up to it."

They revealed: "Luke has been going up to older women and saying 'you're fit' and staring at their breasts. None have been impressed."

And it's not the only flirting that has been doing on at bootcamp, with [tag]Frankie Cocozza[/tag] also apparently "getting frisky" with another female contestant.

It's turning into Big Brother more by the day

PIC: Talkback Thames/Ken McKay