X Factor 2011: Amelia Lily wows Gary Barlow at auditions in Liverpool

Amelia Lily X Factor 2011

The competition in The X Factor 2011 girls category just continues to heat up. As if competition from the likes of Janet Devlin and Melanie McCabe weren’t enough, 16-year-old Christina Aguilera look-a-like Amelia Lily tonight joined the list of talented teenagers who wowed the judges at the auditions.

Speaking before her audition, an excited Amelia said: "You’re used to watching The X Factor but when you are actually here right now, it’s like oh my god, it’s actually happening. You know this morning when we pulled up outside the arena it was just crazy, looking at that thinking I’m going to be performing in front of thousands of people, it’s like pretty amazing but also pretty daunting."

Amelia took her parents along with support, with her proud Dad saying: "When I see Amelia sing, I keep thinking is that my little girl? If Amelia got through today I would feel, I would be over the moon, absolutely over the moon, obviously nerves will creep in as well, and it’s a big daunting task for someone who’s 16 years old."

Amelia added: "I am the most nervous about if they stop me during the song, that would be an absolute, it would be horrible, my heart would sink. I am very overwhelmed, but you just have to give it rock all as my nana would say, and just go out there and do what I want to do for the rest of my life."


After performing Beverley Knight's Piece Of My Heart, [tag]Amelia Lily[/tag] had the audience on their feet and the judges overwhelmed by her mature voice.

Tulisa told her: "How old are you again Amelia? 16 years old. Let me tell you something, people work their whole lives and take forever to get to that level that you’re at now, you’ve come on that stage so much older than your years, you performed like a 30 year old woman that has been perfecting her craft for years and years, that was amazing, you blew up the stage, your energy was off the chain, well done."

Louis added: "It was big it was bold it was beautiful and I think a star is born."

Meanwhile an excited Kelly Rowland raved: "I am still having a hard time understanding that you’re 16-years-old with such a natural gift, you have a natural gift, your energy was great, you’ve got this big beautiful voice with so much soul beyond your years, you were born to do this."

Starting off the voting, Gary said: "Amelia, this is the reason I wanted to sit in this chair, to discover talent like this, oh my goodness, 16 years old that was incredible. That absolutely lifted the top of this arena, well done. Amazing vocals. Amelia I am blown away, it’s a yes from me."

Kelly backed the Take That star, saying: "Amelia you have only scratched the surface, that’s what’s got me so amazed, absolutely yes."

With two more yeses from Tulisa and Louis, it was off to bootcamp for Amelia...

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