Oh no! Michael Lewis is back on The X Factor and Gary Barlow is NOT impressed!

Michael Lewis X Factor 2011

We first saw Michael Lewis on The X Factor last year, where he failed to win over the panel dressed as a Michael Jackson impersonator (remember him now?), well, this year he's back! Taking to the stage in London tonight, Michael is perhaps hoping the three new judges will say yes to him.

But it doesn’t go at all well.

He explains beforehand: "I came on the show last year dressed as one of my main inspirations, Michael Jackson. The reception was not what I expected. My experience last year taught me a valuable lesson to be myself, I was hiding behind a mask, hiding behind a persona - in essence I’ve now had a rebirth.

"I am a bit worried about Louis because he was at my audition last year, however, hopefully he will see the transition I’ve made from then to now. What you see now is what you get - new vocals, new attitude but best of all new positivity. "

But after singing Geri Halliwell's 'Look At Me', it's clear little has changed.


"I’ve got to say this right, there’s so much positivity in this room it’s unreal, thank you! I love you! Thank you!" he says.

But Louis replies: "Michael I am not sure about the positivity…. "

Tulisa adds: "That was very surreal, it was a bit weird!"

But Michael argues: "Unique is the word I would like to use, I’m not boring! This is how I express myself. It’s my life, it’s what I want to do."

An angry Gary snaps: "See if you can keep your mouth shut for one minute."

As the standoff between him and Gary continues, Michael lays down on the stage and refuses to move. He says: "This is my stage. I belong on this stage.

Michael Lewis X Factor 2011

And as the audience start to boo, he adds: "I l love the way you guys turn on me straight away. So two-faced, it’s unreal. One minute you cheer me and then you boo me. So shallow, sentimental and judgmental."

Tune into The X Factor 2011 at 8:15PM tonight to see how Gary Barlow deals with the situation...

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