Cheryl Cole's choregrapher Elizabeth Honan to replace Brian Friedman on X Factor

Cheryl Cole

The choregrapher behind Cheryl Cole's infamous Fight For This Love dance routine will join The X Factor this year as the show's creative director. Elizabeth Honan will replace Brian Friedman on the show, with the former jetting off stateside to work on the new American version of the show.

Beth has worked with Cheryl and the rest of Girls Aloud since their early years, coming up with their unique pop dance routines for almost a decade.

She has also previously appeared on BBC reality series So You Think You Can Dance?

Beth will be in charge of creating routines for the sixteen live finalists when the shows start this week.

Speaking about her new role, Beth explained to the official website: "As the Creative Director of the show alongside Brian Burke, we come up with the ideas and the concept of each performance, like how many dancers each contestant has on stage with them.

"Then Ray Leeper, Brian’s choreographer, and I decide who’s going to choreograph each production. So Brian and I come up with the feel and the mood of each performance, and then Ray and I are choreographing the artist and the dancers to make that concept fit."

She added: "I’m looking forward to creating really big productions, so beautiful that they make people cry. And I’m not going to stop until somebody says I have to! I want to go as big as possible until somebody says ‘No’."

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