Dean 'Midas' Maynard gives his thoughts on the return of The X Factor!

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The X Factor is back, and with what a bang! The first show of this new series was brilliant, the best ever in my opinion. And as the 8th series began those immortal words rang out into the homes of the 12.6 million people watching across Britain... "It's time... to face... the music...."

After a brief introduction to the next generation (and Louis) we met Frankie Cocozza from Brighton.

When asked what were his reasons for wanting to win the X Factor, he said "I want to sleep with as many women as possible". Not a bad reason if you ask me! (sorry Mrs M).

After we all got to see his bum, (he just had to show us the 7 girls' names he has tattooed on his bottom) he gave an OK audition. He got four yes's from the judges and although I am not an instant fan, I think he will improve and win me round.

We were then quickly introduced to the new backstage make up area, before 26 year old Kitty Brucknell came out to face the judges.

Kitty gave us a great version of Lady GaGa's Edge of Glory. I initially really liked her, but then she decided to sit down on the edge of the stage, with a bit of a "wasn't I great?" attitude.


I do believe Kitty will go as far as the live shows, but she has to cut back on the self loving...It was too much too soon, and she will lose followers very quickly if she continues down this path. You could see the awkward looks pass between the audience. Saying that though, I do like her voice.

Then for me came the highlight of the night, Gary Barlow showing his not so nice side.

After a segment full of run downs, the classic episode one quote from Gary was "It would take far too much work to get you ready for this year... and next year" Brilliant.

Sick bag Goldie sang next and although it was entertaining (she put her legs round Gary's Head), she is not the winner.

Goldie Webb Cheung X Factor 2011

Next up was 16 year old Janet Devlin.

I liked Janet, warm personality, great voice but she reminded me far too much of Diana Vickers and quite a few people have already said that to me since the show aired. She is still a great talent though and for me a certain live finalist, I would even say a top 4 act even at this stage.

After a compilation of acts who were OK, but never got enough air time, we met George. I haven't got much to say about him to be honest and fair play to Dermot O'Leary for telling him backstage to watch his language.

I did get a funny text from my good friend Trevor during the audition, who said "I think you can count George out as a Midas act"

Trevor you read my mind.

So that was it, the first show over as quickly as it had began, but a brilliant first show none the less.

Every week at the end of my review, I will include a few emails that I have received from people who have contacted me with their views and comments on the show.

Tammy from Clara Vale said "The old judges were not missed, a 10/10 opener for me"

Aaron from London said "The first show really had all the buzz and excitement you would expect from the X Factor. The show had Impact! Drama! Fashion! and of course great singing. 🙂 CAN'T WAIT FOR SHOW 2!!!"

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