The X Factor 2011 countdown: 1 day to go! A look back at series seven...

Rebecca Ferguson

The X Factor is back tomorrow night and that means it's the final part of our week's countdown! Over the past seven days we've been selecting our favourite moments from the last seven years of the hit reality series, and this evening we end with last year's show, won by Matt Cardle.

Despite a questionable winner, last year’s programme seems as though it's going to launch more stars than any series has before. All of the final five have been signed, as well as a few of those who left early on! Cher Lloyd already has a number one record, Mary Byrne has released an album that sold more than Britney and One Direction today revealed their debut music video.

Rebecca Ferguson

Despite the above, our first moment from last year’s series happens to come from Rebecca Ferguson and her performance of Show Me Love. Sure, it's a huge dance number that the mum-of-two still didn’t move along to, but the voice this girl has is amazing.

We couldn't get enough of Rebecca and were over the moon to hear she had signed a deal with Epic Records earlier this year, with her debut album due out in November.


The obligatory 'novelty' act on last year's show, Wagner actually started out as a very good classically trained singer.

Then he was given Louis Walsh as a mentor.

The result was this...

Wagner v Cheryl

The controversy surrounding Wagner wasn't limited to his singing, and this spat between him and Cheryl was one of many great moments on last year's final stages and is the reason why live telly is just so great.


It started a few days before Saturday's performance show, with a tabloid report suggesting Wagner had insulted Cheryl Cole. The 54-year-old Brazilian was quoted as saying: "Cheryl has never spoken to me properly, but that’s ok, She’s just a girl from a council estate who got lucky when somebody gave her a job in showbusiness."

Cheryl brought up the comments following Wagner's performance, telling him: "You shouldn’t worry about how lucky I am, you should be worrying about how lucky you are still being here."

Wagner defended himself, claiming his words has been twisted, but an irate Cheryl wasn't having any of it.

Check out the video here:


Because Cheryl's mock shock at a girl punching someone will never always be brilliant.


Shirlena Johnson

Included because everybody needs Mercy, don't we?

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