The X Factor 2011 countdown: 7 days to go! A look back at series one...

X Factor 2011

There's just seven days to go until The X Factor 2011 kicks off, and to celebrate we're going to be giving a countdown of our top moments from the past seven series every day! Kick off with the first series, way back in 2004, which saw Steve Brookstein top the public vote...

The show set the tone for the years to come, with outspoken judges, outrageous contestants and - as always - plenty of controversy! Here are our top three moments from the series...

First wacky audition

A first for the show was the first wacky audition, sparking what we now see as one of the best reasons to watch The X Factor! Steven the rapper defines The X Factor as looks, personality and character... unfortunately he's forgotten talent!
Check out this tryout from seven years ago below...

Steve Brookstien v Sharon Osbourne

It's the final of the first series and instead of the nicey, nicey comments from the panel we've seen in recent years, former judge Sharon Osbourne gives her brutally honest opinion.


"Steve has a very nice voice, I'm fed up of Mr Humble... " Sharon started. "He's been over confident from day one, he's not what he seems. He gives out BS ever week... he's even fooled Simon! He's full of crap and he's an average singer!"

Simon, Steve's mentor, hit back: "I think it was inappropriate to be personal tonight..." but Sharon quickly butted in: "The public should know he's a fake!"

"Shut up!" Simon intervenes, before host Kate Thornton tries to calm the situation.

They don't make The X Factor like this anymore... Watch the full clip below

Cassie Compton

Another first was the original shock exit in Week 5 was Cassie Compton, one of our favourite performers who has appeared on the show since Series 1, a talent that deserved to go a lot further! Watch her audition below...

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