The X Factor: Our top five guest performances!

Cheryl on The X Factor

Over the years The X Factor has seen a range of guest singers the show, from huge global stars to former winners making their last ditch attempt for success (sorry, Shayne Ward!). The accompanying performances have been just as varied, with highs, lows and Katy Perry's interesting rendition of 'Firework'.

With so many to choose from here are our top five live guest performances from The X Factor - both the right and the wrong reasons!

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Cheryl Cole

This performance received so much hype we don't feel a list such as this can really ignore it. It was Cheryl Cole's first ever solo live performance of her single 'Fight For This Love', a performance which was apparently nearly cancelled over the Geordie singer's nerves.

The question that plagued the press was would The X Factor judge mime on the show? Pretty much, was the answer, but none the less the dancing, now somewhat iconic trousers and the song itself more than made up for it.

Unfortunately we’re not allowed to show you her performance (BOO) however Chezza went to Europe and performed pretty much the same routine with identical vocals (*cough*), which we can show you (YAY!)…

Robbie Williams

This performance in 2009 was quite something…

Britney Spears

This is on the list for all the wrong reasons. The hype and build up received back in 2008 was really quite astonishing, only for the US star to come out and mime.
Really, really badly.
Unfortunately, we can't embed the video here. Fortunately, Harry Hill made a better version anyway:

JLS v Alex

This mash up from the X Factor 2008 winners and runners up was, quite simply, smashing. It was so good we’re going to embed it even though we can’t.


Rihanna has performed a number of times on The X Factor over the years. If we weren't going to limit ourselves, we'd probably put all of performances into this list. As it is, we're going to stick with one - 'What's My Name'. This performance caused controversy, or at least 2,000 prudes to complain. Ofocm reject to the complaints, so don't worry about feeling dirty watching it...

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