Dean 'Midas' Maynard's X Factor recap: The X Factor 2004 to 2006!

Leona Lewis

So, here we go then, cancel your life for the next four months. Every week until Christmas, I will be giving my views, predictions and light hearted banter on all things X Factor. I love the show and I can’t imagine the cold winter nights without it...

The new series starts soon, but ahead of that, I am going to provide a brief history of the series starting right at the beginning in 2004. This week I talk about 2004 to 2006.

The X Factor - Series 1 (2004)

The first ever series was judged by the dream team that was, Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell. Some of the stand out names from this year were, Rowetta, rocker Tabby Callaghan and (ahem) group, Voices With Soul.

The final battle was between Steve Brookstien (we remember him well) and G4 (my wife still remembers the blond one). Steve went on to win the public vote, much to the annoyance of Sharon Osbourne.

Brookstein went on to enjoy his fame with the Winners single “Against all odds,” and followed that with a number one album. There was a glimmer of glittering stardom but, in August 2005, he was dropped by Simon.

To give him credit, one fact that many people don’t know, is that until 2009 he held the record for the most votes in the Final, 6 million in total.

Runners up G4 went on to have two platinum albums before calling it a day in 2007. The blond one is still singing.

The X Factor - Series 2 (2005)

Series one of the X Factor attracted only 6.9 million viewers. The show however gathered memento, and after a few changes to the format of the show, and new hairdo for Sharon, the live shows now boasted 12 talented acts instead of the 9 from series one.


This was the year we met the legend that is Chico, the goat herder from Morocco, a likeable, fun guy who was a hit with ladies, but a certain Mr Cowell was not impressed… well, initially.

I have been firm friends with Chico for a while now and I can honestly say he is one of the nicest people in the business. He does a lot of work for charity, including the setting up of his own, the Rainbow Child Foundation.

Chico went on to finish in 5th place and his single It’s Chico Time went to number one knocking Madonna off of the top spot. She was a bit upset by that I hear.

The “I can’t remember them” act from 2005 was The Conway Sisters. More memorable acts from that year were Brenda Edwards, who has been a West End star ever since her eventual 4th place. Maria Lawson went on to appear in Thriller in the West End.

3rd place group, Journey South had a number one album and are still performing too big crowds and runner up Andy Abraham went on to have 2, top 20 albums.

The Winner of X Factor 2005 was Shayne Ward, a young, good looking guy with a killer voice. (my wife remembers him too!)

To date, he has had 6 top 20 singles, including a number 1 with That’s My Goal, and 3 top 20 albums, again including a number 1 with his debut. In April 2011 however, after 6 years with Simon Cowell’s label Syco, his contract was not renewed.

A fact from this series, a certain Alexandra Burke got to the judges houses stage before being eliminated… this wasn’t the last we saw of Ms Burke though.

The X Factor - Series 3 (2006)

2006 was the year my ‘Midas’ work really started to get some attention. It was also the first time I made a prediction on The X Factor.

This series was the first to have a fair bit of controversy, boy band Avenue were put through to the live shows, then disqualified for allegedly having an existing management contract, prohibited on the X Factor.

Leona Lewis

During boot camp, eventual runner up Ray Quinn got the boot, but was then recalled by Simon Cowell, who said he had made a mistake not putting him through. Quinn went on to finish in 2nd place and has had a very successful career in the business.

His debut album went to number 1, and he has performed in the West End on numerous occasions. In 2009 he also showed us another talent and won Dancing on ice with a perfect 60/60.

Big successes from this year included Ben Mills and the MacDonald Brothers (let me finish)…

Ben’s debut album reached number 3 in the UK charts and he is still touring and doing well till this day. The MacDonald Brothers benefited from Avenue’s disqualification and went on to finish 4th. The Brothers have since released 4 studio albums.

The “I can’t remember them” act from 2006 is Dionne Mitchell.

The Winner and in my opinion the biggest success story of the X Factor series to date is Leona Lewis. Leona became my first ever X Factor Midas act (A Midas Act is the person/band that I support during the show). The moment she started singing at her first audition, I looked at my wife and said “There’s the Winner”

Leona did go on to win the show and has been a phenomenon ever since. 2 UK number 1 albums, 3 UK number 1 singles as well as 2 number 1’s in America have followed. Leona’s new single is due out in September and her 3rd album is due out in November.

The big fact from this series was that 12 million of us tuned in to watch the live final, the beginning of the show's bumper ratings.

Thanks for reading this, and have a great week.

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