Cher Lloyd wants to give Simon Cowell a 'gangster' make over!

Cher Lloyd

While Cher Lloyd isn't spending her time moaning about CHeyrl Cole, she's heaping praise on Simon Cowell, this week saying he'd love to give the "normal geezer" a 'gangster' make over, just so he's not that normal! The 18-year-old added she'd like to see the music mogul get a few tattoos as well.

"Simon Cowell’s just like any other person, that’s what baffles me about this industry," the youngster told Sugarscape yesterday. "He’s just like me or you... I should make him into a gangster," she joked.

The singer, who finished fourth on last year's X Factor, teased: "Maybe I should give him a makeover, that would be amazing!"

Revealing her plans, Cher continued: "I'd give him a baseball cap, baggy jeans... like, halfway down the bottom.

"You see his trousers high why don’t you see them low!

"Pair of Nikes…I dunno, a few tattoos. Chains? Definitely."

We'd pay to see Simon Cowell walking onto The X Factor stage looking like that!

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