X Factor 2011's Kelly Rowland on her 13-hour day, 7 person entourage and love of Simon Cowell

Kelly Rowland

New X Factor judge Kelly Rowland has said she's enjoying her new role on the show, despite working a 13-hour day! The US singer joined the ITV1 reality series earlier this year alongside fellow new judges N-Dubz star Tulisa Contostavlos and Take That front man Gary Barlow.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror today, Kelly said: “The X Factor is awesome.

"It is hard work, a 13-hour day. But I like being a judge ­as I want to help. I want to be constructive. I’m not there to crush anybody’s dreams. There is so much talent in the UK. And I LOVE Simon Cowell."


And the sexy single songstress confirmed TellyMix's reports she's been tempted by a few of the better looking male auditionees this year! We revealed earlier this month how one X Factor auditionee in particular caught Kelly's eye in Liverpool.

The former Destiny's Child singer admitted: “There’s been a few hot guys auditioning. One was so cute I almost gave him my Blackbery Messenger PIN!”

Kelly also wanted to dismiss reports about her seven person entourage... before realising they were actually correct!

“I read something like ‘Kelly Rowland travels with an entourage’. I was like, I do not!" Kelly said today, "But then I started counting..make-up, stylist, hair, and I’m like, ‘Oh My God, I DO have an entourage. I have seven or eight people with me. But I need ’em, if I haven’t slept in four days,” she has said.

With the new X Factor gig and a new album out here in November, Kelly says it's been the one of year beats years.

She says: “I feel like I’ve come into my own. Mind you, a lot of people say a lot of things about turning 30 so I am waiting to see which ones are true.”

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