Belle Amie 'glad' to being booted from The X Factor, saying the show 'stifled their talent'

Belle Amie

Girl group Belle Amie have accused The X Factor of stifling their talent, adding that they were glad to be kicked out of the show early last year. The four piece, who were formed at bootcamp on last summer's series, are not set to release their debut single 'Girls Up'.

The girls, now one member down, complained that the series failed to showcase their talents after being forced to sing songs they didn't want to.

Trio leader Sophia Wardman told News Of The World today: "The show was a great experience but it didn't really showcase us. We weren't singing the songs we wanted to sing, weren't wearing what we wanted to wear.


"We were restricted so it was kind of a relief for me to get off the show so we could start doing what we wanted to do.

"I always knew we wouldn't win. It's hard work to market a girl band and win the girls over and I don't think they [X Factor bosses] have the time to push it, that's why we have to put the graft in and do it ourselves.

"But because of what happened on X Factor we're now out to prove a point that if you've got enough talent then nothing really should stand in your way."

> VIDEO: Belle Amie have recorded a single and made a video and here it is.

On Geneva Lane's exit back in January, Sophia insisted: "She decided to leave, we didn't want her to leave, and she still seems to be adamant that she didn't leave off her own back but she did. We've tried to just get on with it but she's been a little bit bitchy but I think that might be because she's a little bit jealous.

"She always wanted to be a soloist, from day one since we were put together. She was unsure at bootcamp but all of us three were going crazy for getting through, just so happy.

The group's single will be released next month.

Sophia added: "We're not like any other girlband - we're like Rihanna, Gwen Stefani and Pink in one band! I wouldn't say we're as good as them, or look like them."

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