Oh dear, Cher Lloyd takes to Twitter to blast journalists as "divvy s**ts"

Cher LloydOh dear, Cher Lloyd isn't exactly known for having the most quiet and gentle demeanour and it seems like she's at it again after a rant on Twitter when she called newspaper columnists ''divvy s**ts'' for daring to criticize her fashion style in one of their recent columns. The X Factor 2010 finalist doesn't seem to have done herself any favours after not taking kindly to comments made by 3am.

Tweeting the showbiz journalists, Cher vented her anger with a bizarre rant which read: ''@3am full of s**t, shuv your s**tty remarks up your arse, put that on ya website, divvy s**ts (sic)." If you like many people aren't au fait with text language, I'm pretty sure Miss Lloyd isn't extremely happy. The rant came after 3am described Cher's fashion style as ''mimicking the ladies off This Is England'' in a recent article.

In reply to the harshly put tweet, 3am replied: ''Um, we appear to have upset @CherLloyd (again), although not entirely sure why. Great insult though - full marks for use of the word 's**t'. Hmm, 'divvy s**s' is a new one. It's venomous, rude, sort of likeable, yet doesn't really mean anything (sound familiar, @CherLloyd."

Something tells us this one is going to run on for a long time but maybe Cher would be wiser cutting down on the expletives, we're sure her star button has probably went into overdrive by now.

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