Matt Cardle admits winning The X Factor hasn't changed him (but can't help Googling himself)

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Winner of last year's X Factor Matt Cardle has insisted that triumphing on the show hasn't changed him - but admitted that he can't help to Google himself sometimes! The 28-year-old, who soared to success last autumn, revealed however he's been spending more time in the studio than with his friends.

Matt said: “I don’t think I’ve changed at all but I’ve had to grow up a lot these last few months. When a lot of people are saying things about you some of it’s going to be nasty, but you’ve just got to ignore it.

“I don’t Google myself. Well, sometimes I do – if I’ve come out of a club and someone says you might want to have a look online. Then I can see what happened on the night out!"


He added: “I’ve still got the same mates – not that I’ve been able to see them recently, I’ve spent so much time in the studio.”

Meanwhile his mum told the East Anglian Daily Times this week: “The public have been so kind to him he really appreciates it. I know he wants to do more gigs in the local area but he’s been so busy at the moment. His life is run by a management team.”

His dad added: “Matt loves coming back to the school. He wanted to show the kids that fame is a side issue. The main this is he’s wanted this all his life and he’s worked hard for it."

Matt is expected to release his debut album in October.

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