'Do you race your pets?' Our favourite judges' comments from Manchester!

Xtra Factor 2011 judges

We're really loving the new X Factor panel (honestly, we're not just saying that!) and felt the need to share some of our top moments from the Manchester auditions with you. This year sees harsh but dry witted Gary Barlow, honest Kelly Rowland and ballsy Tulisa on the panel.

Louis Walsh is also back on the show for an eighth year

Without further ado, here are our favourite comments from the panel from last week's Manchester auditions:

Kelly: The singing is was off... the notes... well.... they're weren't on. Heck, they weren't even in the building.

Gary: I loved you when you came out, you look like a popsatar, a great image, a great personality.... but then the voice started.

Gary (to auditionee who had sung Irreplaceable by Beyonce): I wish you would go to the left, to the left, and keep on going to the left until you're off the stage.


Tulisa: You're absolutely terrible but I want to watch you again.

Tulisa: (to auditionee saying he wasn't impersonating Gary Barlow): "Really? Reeeaaaly? You're dressed like Gary Barlow, you look like Gary Barlow, you sound like Gary Barlow and you're singing a song by Gary Barlow."

Tulisa: Have you ever seen Alice in Wonderland You remind me of Tweedledum and Tweedledee! And you thought it was good? I think you've been having some of those magic mushrooms from Alice.

Kelly: "How did you think you did?"
Auditionee: "Not too good"
Kelly: "I know.... it's a nooo"
Auditionee:"Might get a sympathy vote here?"
Kelly: "...Noooo"

Louis: I just didn't get it!

Louis: Well you had a nice day out.

Louis: Do you have any pets?
Auditionee: Yes, a Rabbit and a Ferret
Louis: Do you race them?

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