Glenn Ward says Lord Sugar shouldn't have fired him, adding: "Hopefully he'll regret it"!

Glenn Ward

Axed Apprentice 2011 star Glenn Ward has said that he feels Lord Sugar made the wrong decision to fire him on last night's latest show. Glenn became the eighth candidate to get the chop after his team failed to sell advertising space in their magazine aimed at the over 60s.

Zoe's name of 'HIP Replacement' was panned by the advertisers and Lord Sugar, whilst project manager Jim's decision not to offer discounts on the prices was also criticised. It was however Glenn that was given the chop, with Lord Sugar saying he has yet to find an engineer who could turn his hand to business.

Speaking about his exit, Glenn told The Sun today: "I put up a good fight in that boardroom. Ultimately it wasn't enough, Susie and Jim pushed harder and that was ultimately my downfall."

Despite the magazine faux-pas, the 28-year-old said he is hoping to launch his own magazine soon. "I've got some new ideas there about men's lifestyle," he revealed, "I know where my bread is buttered so I thought I'd stick with a little bit of what I know."

The design engineer continued to say he had already launched his own mobile app, thanks to the task back in Week 2. "It's opened my eyes to things. I've already published my first app called Shakeawake Alarms, which is available to buy. It stops people falling back to sleep after turning off their alarm clocks," Glenn explained.

He continued: "I still think I will be successful and hopefully one day Lord Sugar will regret firing me. I can still be a millionaire - Lord Sugar shouldn't have fired me."

Glenn added: "I should have been there until the end."

The Apprentice 2011 continues next Wednesday at 9PM.


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