Cher Lloyd says she's 'hurt' and 'upset' over the leak of 'Swagger Jagger'

Cher Lloyd

17-year-old Cher Lloyd has tweeted that she has been "hurt" and "upset" over the leak of her debut single. Swagger Jagger leaked online this morning and it's fair to say that reaction to the track - penned by Cher and Jermaine Jackson amongst others - hasn't been great.

"I've never been this upset ever!" Cher wrote on Twitter. "I worked so hard, and people wanna ruin it for me, if you wanted to hurt me you've done a great job."

She continued: "Please don't do this to me. I wish I was at home with my family, I've been through enough this year."

The youngster added: "Me and my brats are stronger than this!! come onnnn! lets get em !!!! Thanks to everyone for all the support you're giving me (: [sic]"

The track, which samples Oh My Darlin' Clemintine, has been panned by fans, with some comparing it to Rebecca Black's Friday (Oh dear...)

One said: "Just witnessed the death of music in the form of Cher Lloyd's new song. Wow."

Well we like it anyway...


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