TellyMix's A to Z of Britain's Got Talent 2011 - Part Two!

Jai McDowall

With Jai McDowall now having been crowned winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2011, we're celebrating yet another fantastic series of ITV1's reality talent competition by looking back over the most memorable moments, highs and lows that have occurred over the past three months...

From the contestants themselves to the presenters, celebrity judges and even the outfits - it's all covered in our A-Z of Britain's Got Talent 2011, so let's crack on with the second half...

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O is for... (Standing) Ovation! This year saw a distinct lack of standing ovations, from either the crowd or the judges. While a handful of standout acts got a rise from the crowd - including runner up Ronan Parke - not a single performer managed to get all the judges on their feet in the live shows.

P is for... Performances! As always the live shows saw a number of performances and we were spoilt for choice over the semi-finals. Kicking off the week were last year's winners Spelbound who returned for another fantastic performance. On Tuesday and it was judge Amanda Holden who took to the stage to show off her talent as part of the cast of Shrek The Musical. Canadian Avril Lavigne performed a mash up of her two new singles 'What The Hell' and 'Smile' on Wednesday, while Jessie J and JLS performed on Thursday and Friday.


Q is for... Quality! This year's acts were mixed in quality from the totally awful to the good. Unfortunately however this year's talent didn't seem to stand out at all, even the best acts would've probably fallen short of the final in previous year's shows.

R is for... Ronan Parke! Despite not winning, 12-year-old Ronan Parke will probably be the most remembered star from Britain's Got Talent 2011. The young singer wowed the panel in his original audition belting out Michael Buble's 'Feeling Good', he then went on to top the first public vote by a whopping 62%. Unfortunately it all went wrong in the final few days of the competition, with claims of fixing being published on the internet. Despite Syco strongly denying the allegations, favourite Ronan was narrowly beaten in the final by Jai.

S is for... Simon Cowell! It was confirmed back in January that Simon wouldn't be present for the audition shows and despite fears, Amanda Holden, Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff held their own and the auditions were as good as ever. In the live shows and Cowell returned - and didn’t we know it! - entering to the theme of Superman on the first live show, Cowell made it clear he meant business by having a go at the other judges for their choices for the live shows! Simon even went on to bring back dancer Michael Moral, thinking that the panel had made the wrong choice. However it seemed as though they were right, with Michael failing in the semi-finals.

Britains Got Talent judges

T is for... Talent! Or more specifically, the sheer lack of it! This year's show was notability low in quality as we touched on above. Has Britain run out of Talent? We're not sure, to us there was plenty of talent on show in the auditions that failed to progress through to the final. One such act was funny man Cal Halbert who had the panel in stitches with his impressions, but disappeared after making it through the auditions.

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