TellyMix's A to Z of Britain's Got Talent 2011 - Part One!

Jai McDowall

With Jai McDowall now having been crowned winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2011, we're celebrating yet another fantastic series of ITV1's reality talent competition by looking back over the most memorable moments, highs and lows that have occurred over the past three months...

From the contestants themselves to the presenters, celebrity judges and even the outfits - it's all covered in our A-Z of Britain's Got Talent 2011, so let's crack on...

A is for... Animals ! This series of the show saw more animal acts than ever - some were brilliant but some were just bizarre! One of the most random acts was in the form of 7-year-old Olivia, who read out a poem about the environment whilst having a snake around the her neck. What made the audition even stranger was the fact that the judges felt that Olivia deserved a place in the next round! Fortunately there were some good acts, with Donelda Guy and her two dogs Biba and Mega making it through to the live finals. We also saw other acts incorporating animals into their performances, with Snakes being a favourite with Girls Roc and Lorna Bliss.

B is for... Britain! One of many controversies on this year's show focused on the nationality of the contestants, with many complaining about people such as Michael Moral who had flown from France to take part. One viewer complained: “The French dancer on tonight’s show lives in France, is French, so why was he allowed to enter “Britain’s got Talent”? Surely the clue is in the name of the show – BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT, not France, EU, Poland etc.”


C is for... controversy! As touched on above, this year saw many controversies in many forms. We had everything from the usual fix allegations to acts who made it through to the live shows that got three no's at the auditions! There were also complaints about 'raunchy' routines from some acts including Girls Roc, as well as moaning over some of the rubbish acts that made it through to the semi-finals.

D is for... David Hasselhoff! Ahh, where do we start with David? The new judge on Britain’s Got talent 2011 this year bought a taste of America to the UK show and seemed to go down with viewers very well. While some of the acts - in particular comedians - went straight over The Hoff's head, he seemed to get others more than the our very own judges.

E is for... Eliminations! The 2011 series of Britain's Got Talent saw some shock eliminations, with favourites such as Two and Half Men and Out Of The Blue not making into the top 3 into their semi finals. There was also criticism when the panel saved Steven Hall over Edward Reid, despite the fact that the voting figures revealed the Scottish singer had 10% more of the vote.

Britains Got Talent judges

F s for... fix! By far the biggest controversy of this year's show were the fix allegations aimed at Simon Cowell’s Syco company and Ronan Parke. An anonymous blogger suggested that the music label had signed the 12-year-old singer two years earlier, before inviting him to audition for the show. Syco however strong refuted the claims, saying: “There is no truth in this story whatsoever. Ronan first came to Syco/Sony’s attention when he entered this year’s competition. Syco/Sony Music will not hesitate to take whatever legal action is appropriate.”

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