Britain's Got Talent 2011: The live final reviewed!

Michael Collings live

It was fire starting, hip wiggling, note quavering, finger tapping, nearly all-male Britain's Got Talent final on Saturday. Most acts raised the bar with only a few falling short either due to pressure or time constraints. However, there could only be one winner so here’s how Jai McDowall did it.

Steven Hall

In my opinion Steven Hall has gone from strength to strength, with his dance moves becoming more complicated and his song changes getting quicker. His act is very funny and it is made better with his improved miming. Does he deserve a place in the final? Maybe not, but there is always one.

Michael Collings

Returning to his first song choice Michael gave simple sweet performance of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car. I loved the stripped down set and the image of just him and the guitar. However, I would’ve liked it if they’d gone even further and cut the cheesy backing track too, then maybe he could’ve stolen the show.

Les Gibson

Poor Les, I wasn’t his biggest fan after his first audition, but he was so funny on Wednesday’s semi-final that I had high hopes for him in the final. Sadly it wasn’t to be, his Greg Wallace was too high, his Simon was definitely off and I didn’t recognise any Dermot O’Leary. His Hoff and Michael McIntyre weren’t bad, but it just wasn’t enough for this to be a successful performance.

James Hobley

Another strong performance from the terrifyingly bendy James. His passion and joy radiated through his every move, and although his act lacked some of the “big punch” that the others had it was a pleasure to watch and undoubtedly a moment of great pride for his parents.

Paul Gbegbaje

Paul Gbegbaje

I was thrilled to hear an original composition from Paul, he played other people’s music on Monday, but on Simon’s advice he returned to his own stuff. I believe his talent is much more apparent through his own compositions and the speed and skill with which he tapped those keys made it an incredibly performance to watch and listen to. Fair play to Paul for seriously upping his game.

Ronan Parke

It must be a truly overwhelming experience to be propelled into the media spotlight at just 12 years old. But no matter what has been said about Ronan he has always handled himself with grace and confidence. His final performance was no different and his version of Kelly Clarkson’s Because of You was simply stunning. All the judges were on their feet, and bless him he couldn’t hold back the tears.

Jean Martyn

Ah, the fish and chips of Britain’s Got Talent (I think Simon lost everyone with that analogy), the lovely Jean Martyn. I want her to be me Auntie and I want her to wave at me with that massive grin and I also want her collection of spangly jackets. Although she wasobviously never going to win, she was a joy to watch and brought a lovely face (and the only woman!) in to the final.

Jai McDowall

The great Scot delivered another anthemic (yes Amanda that is a word) performance of Josh Groban’s To Where You Are. In all honesty I preferred his semi-final performance of Bring Me to Life by Evanescence, but the warm tone and big, powerhouse notes ensured that this was a winning performance for Britain’s Got Talent’s 2011- and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer chap.


Razy Gogonea

Razy has always been my secret favourite, I love his eager little face and I love the fact that his parents were brought over especially for this week. Sadly though Razy did not really have time to prepare a new routine after winning Friday’s semi-final and his performance, felt a little flat, perhaps because I’d seen it most of it before or perhaps because he couldn’t get that damn fire out. I still love him though.

New Bounce

The surprise act of the semi-final! I don’t know where New Bounce were hiding their talent, but thank goodness it came out at last. These boys are so cute and their two live performances were both sensational and they deservedly earnt themselves a place in the top three. I preferred their version of Jessie J’s Price Tag to Ain’t No Sunshine, but either way I think the fellas have an exciting career ahead of them.

The Best (and Worst) of the Rest

The acts that surely deserve a mention because they should’ve performed in the final are the tremendous Out of the Blue, the breathtakingly brave Joe Oakley and the lovely David and Karen (who look great wet). Several other moments stuck out as memorable throughout the semi finals, these included a guest appearance from Jedward, poor Jessica Hobson breaking down, Michael and Amanda leaving their seats, a heartbreaking apology from Wachiraporn and an unexpected Frenchman.

David Hasselhoff

Inside Hoff’s Head

“Razy you were on fire tonight” Razy was indeed dancing with fire.


Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec joke of the week

“Can you understand my accent?” in the first semi-final Dec took on Simon about the recent X Factor/Cheryl Cole scandal. Simon of course feigned ignorance.


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