Becky McDonald's dramatic ''Coronation Street'' exit reportedly leaked by the papers

Becky Mc Donald will leave Coronation Street after her husband Steve Mc Donald (Simon Gregson) cheats on him by getting his ex, Toxic Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) pregnant again.

Katherine Kelly who plays the feisty character revealed earlier this year that she is set to leave the ITV1 soap at the end of the year. Tracy will allegedly miscarry the baby and then provoke Becky into attacking her in the latest part of her plan to ruin her rival's life.

Steve then blames Becky for Tracy's miscarriage and orders her out of his life telling her he can never forgive her. A source told News Of The World: ''We are all sad to see Kat leave as she has been one of the biggest and most talented stars. ''

They continued: ''But we understand her decision -  and [producer] Phil [Collinson] feels delighted to give her a typically feisty exit storyline.'' The surprising plot twist commences after Steve gets together with Tracy after breaking up with Becky. Tracy then hatches a plot to blame Becky for the miscarriage after she has a one night stand with Steve.