Leona Lewis says she wants to be a mentor on The X Factor this year

Leona Lewis

Winner of The X Factor in 2006 Leona Lewis has said she hopes to become "more involved" in the show this, perhaps becoming a mentor on the show. Speaking to The Sun, amazingly talented Leona also revealed she'd be back on the show this year to plug her new album.

"I always go on and sing. I'll be performing again this year," Leona, who is currently working on her third album, told the newspaper.

She added: "But I'd like to get more involved, maybe a mentor type of job. I can advise acts on what will happen to them."

"I couldn't this year because I've been working on my album, but maybe another year."

Meanwhile Leona also gave her opinion on Cheryl Cole's exit, saying: "It was sad when Cheryl left. I thought she was great."


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