Member of one of tonight's competitors, Acrobatics group 'Enchantment' speaks of her accident nine years ago

A member of one of the acts competing in tonight's Britain's Got Talent semi-final has spoken of the accident which nearly left her paralysed nine years ago. Lucy Francis-Litton who is part of circus style acrobatics group Enchantment featuring on tonight's show had an accident which nearly destroyed her career.

Litton broke her neck whilst performing on a trampoline nine years ago in 2002. The accident also left her with a shattered eye socket caused by her knee as well as landing on her head. Litton had an operation which had it gone wrong, could have left her unable to walk.

The accident also lead to a decrease in the projects available for 34-year-old Lucie as organisers were unwilling to take a risk by allowing her to take part. Speaking to The Sun, Litton said: ''I've struggled to get back into acrobatics. Now I've got the chance and it means a lot to me.  I want to show all these people who don't hire me there is nothing wrong with me and I can still do it.''

After the accident, Lucy who has one child took a year out so her joints could fuse together again and to allow her to rest.  Despite the length in time since her accident, Lucie still regularly experiences pain and has to see a physiotherapist twice a week.

She added: ''People know me in the industry and they know I'm a risk. I'm limited now to what I can do. But I'm really lucky that Nikki Bond, the choreographer of Enchantment Clique, gave me a chance. ''

When asked about what she is expecting from Simon Cowell tonight, Lucy admitted: ''He's the one that scares us the most. The other judges had nothing but good things to say about us  but Simon's a different kettle of fish.''

Watch Enchantment and 7 other acts including controversial Britney impersonator Lorna Bliss, magician duo David and Karen and dance trio Two and a Half Men compete in tonight's second semi-final on ITV1 from 7:30pm.

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