Reality psychic Dean 'Midas' Maynard reveals his official 'Midas' act!

Ronan ParkeSo as we approach the last show before the start of the live semi finals I would just like to give out my own ‘Midas’ audition awards AND announce my official 2011 Britain’s got talent ‘Midas’ act. Before I go on, I would like to welcome back the boss man, Mr Simon Cowell. Welcome Sir, it’s great to see you back....

Proud to be British award: This has to go to the fantastic 7 year old Olivia Binfield who enthralled us with her pet snake ‘Lucy’. This girl’s genuine love of animals was a delight to see.

Sharing the award is teenage rapper act, Follow the right path. Their tribute to their late grandad was emotional and these kids are great models for teenagers everywhere.


I was not expecting that award: Pip and Buddy win this because I have to admit I was expecting this to be awful, but it was brilliant. Pip has one of the best voices I have ever heard on the show and some might say she is quite attractive (not me though Mrs Midas)

Funniest audition award: This was a close one but Mexican Mayhem and the one dog doing the tricks and one not wanting too was very funny.

I shouldnt like them but I do award: Has to go to Ted and Grace, a likeable grandfather who once made spitfires for a living and his lovely grand daughter, Grace. On paper this should not work, but it does and I wish them loads of luck.

They can do what they want award: Grace and Chloe Bruce the martial art sisters, well would you argue with them? Exactly

Best segment montage: Michael McIntyre wins this with his genuine hate of buzzing people off, every time he pushed it, he looked in a different place, as if he was saying “that wasn’t me”

The ones to watch award: I think these are the acts that will seriously challenge my Midas act at the live shows. Michael Collings, James Hobley and my dark horse is magic act, David and Karen.

So here we are then, the moment has arrived for me to name the act I think will win Britain's Got Talent 2011. But before I do, I will say that this has been my hardest ever choice and I have had to review all the previous episodes again.

The person I am supporting and making my official ‘Midas’ act is... Ronan Parke. Good luck to Ronan!
I will be back next Saturday with my thoughts on the grand final.

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