Pictures: On the set of Cher Lloyd's video for debut single 'Swagger Jagger'

Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd is set to release her debut single 'Swagger Jagger' at the start of September and it seems things are looking good for the 17-year-old X Factor finalist. After recording her debut album in LA earlier this year, Cher returned to the UK to audition for dancers for her debut video - which was shot yesterday.

The video, which will feature the successful dancers from the auditionees held in London in April, is expected to be released in July. Swagger Jagger is the debut single from Cher's currently untitled debut album, due out on September 12. Pre-Order Cher Lloyd's debut album here

Check out a picture of Cher on the set thanks to The Sun

Cher Swagger Jagger

The tabloid reliably informs us: "Swagger Jagger is slang for a person who cramps someone's style."

More from the video...

Cher Swagger Jagger video

Swagger Jagger is to be released on September 4.

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