Our views on why Cheryl Cole should not be back on The X Factor UK

Cheryl Cole

It looks almost certain now that, for reasons still currently unclear, Cheryl Cole has lost her place on The X Factor USA. We ask however with rumours suggesting the star is set for a return to The X Factor here in the UK, should she take up the offer?

We've all been shocked by the axing of Cheryl Cole from The X Factor USA. It was surprising to say the least when the news filtered through in the early hours of yesterday morning that she has been sensationally axed from the American version of the talent contest.

However, whilst some may think that it's paving the way for her to return to the UK version of the show, here at TellyMix we're not so sure this should not be the case. Here are the views of our writers (and huge X Factor fans) of Cheryl's position:

Kevin McStravock's view

Cheryl may have been a popular judge on the show but the sad truth is that by going to America, she has burnt all bridges with the UK equivalent of the worldwide talent show phenomenon.


Pursuing money and fame has shown that she is purely out for her own gain and ''family ties'' and home pride quite obviously weren't a match for dollar signs. Whilst I don't in any way take pride in her axing, I do think that it shows that the ruthless approach won't always pay off.

Furthermore, Cheryl seemed tired and annoyed last series frequently having little snipes at contestants such as Wagner, whilst it's okay to be feisty, at times this was unprofessional and I do feel that if the new series is to work, it needs to seem fresh not the same old same old.

Gav Hastings's view

I am a huge Cheryl fan, and despite being saddened by her departure from the US version of the X Factor I think a return to the UK panel is actually the worst thing she could possibly do.

Cheryl has rapidly fallen into ‘icon’ territory, and every icon worth their salt is tested at some point by a series of personal tragedies and unfortunate events. The best way she could bounce back from the horrific embarrassment the whole debacle has caused is the way she’s shrugged off every other disaster in her life – bigger and better with grace, dignity and an absolutely killer song.

I loved her blend of cuteness and honesty on the panel but I think a return to the UK show would be a step backwards for poor Cheryl, and she should cut all her ties with Cowell. So for me, I think this should be the end of the road with The X Factor Cheryl, and we should be looking forward to seeing what surprises the new panel have in store.

Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue

Josh Darvill's view

Cheryl Cole has been a major hit for The X Factor since joining the show in 2008. Despite criticism aimeda at Simon Cowell when his choice for Sharon Osbourne's replacement was announced, Cheryl quickly won over viewers and has undoubtedly helped to boost the show's ratings over the past 3 years.

During her last year on the programme however it was impossible to escape the increasing amounts of criticism aimed to the Girls Aloud star. Gone was the doe-eyed, fresh faced pop singer we saw in Series 5 and instead we were presented with a much more feisty, perhaps slightly arrogant, Cole. Those who have followed Cheryl in Girls Aloud before her move to The X Factor in 2008 will probably recognise this person as Cheryl Tweedy, the tough Geordie lass who would always say what was on her mind - PR friendly or not.

Cheryl returning to The X Factor here in the UK may be a good thing for the producers; certainly finding a similar replacement is no easy task. However I can’t help but feel that such a move would not only be bad for her long-term career but also for her dignity and integrity. After being messed around by the show's producers in the US, Cheryl really needs to stand her ground and walk away with her held still held high.

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