BGT reviewed: Unique hand dancers Up and Over It 'best act of the evening'

Up And Over ItMagic, street dancing and naughty dogs ruled this week’s Britain’s Got Talent as we saw that good, the bad and the very ugly competing for their place in next week's Britain's Got Talent 2011 live semi-finals.

David and Karen

The best thing about illusionist David and dancer Karen was that there was no creepy Paul Daniels, Debbie McGee thing going on, no sparkly catsuits or rabbits in hats just a fantastically baffling trick. It was great to see a magic act that was free of cheese and top hats, and as a result their act felt quite modern. If they have a few more of these up their sleeves then there is a good chance they could go on to the final. I just hope they haven’t played their best hand too early.

Mexican Mayhem

Owner Melanie and Chihuahua’s Tucker and Twizzle made up Mexican Mayhem and Mayhem it was, as the reluctant dogs even had to be dragged on to the stage. From there it continued downhill as the dogs occasionally weaved through some of the saddest inflatable cacti I have ever seen, and got stuck in their tube. It was incredibly funny, especially when Melanie thought she had lost one of them when it was just hiding under her Mexican garb. However, there is absolutely no way this act will be performing in front of the Queen, so I am a bit unsure why it went through.

Paul Gbegbaje

Passion radiated from 19 year-old pianist Paul as he talked about his love of music and composition. Paul said that before he bought a piano he used to play on a drawing of a piano on a piece of paper, imagining the music in his mind. He was of course, brilliant as his fingers skipped over the keys and his face exuded all the emotion of the music. Amanda and Michael were more than happy to put through Paul, but the Hoff seemed less convinced.



Abyss were a street dance group aged between 17 and 28 and they were very, very good. However, as Amanda pointed out, anyone watching them would think, “They’re a bit like Diversity, but not as good.” I completely agreed they were not as good as the standard that had previously been set. I don’t even think that they were as good as previous finalists Flawless. Sorry lads, you are going to have to do a lot more in the next round to convince me.

Up and Over It

Possibly my favourite act of the evening, Up and Over It were a male and female dance duo with a difference, as they only danced with their hands. It was sort of like extreme patty cake, and it sounds like it could be a bit boring, but in fact it was very comedic and quirky. I really hope these guys make it far and come up with some killer routines.

Robbie Firmin

Robbie Firmin is the tiniest seven year-old I have ever seen, and his miniature suit and fedora hat made him seem even smaller. He was also incredibly confident as he proudly walked on stage and asked Louis if he wanted to go out with his Auntie. His act was singing and his rendition of My Way by Frank Sinatra was impressive for such a young fella, but his voice really wasn’t that fantastic. Robbie’s main selling point is his cuteness and for me the whole thing was just a bit too saccharine.

Follow the Right Path

Follow the Right Path were rapping duo George and Jamie, and it was lovely to see two young guys (13 and 14) using their lyrical talents to rap about their late granddads. Their words were so sweet and heartfelt and as the judges pointed out, they were great role models for young kids.

The Best (and Worst) of the Rest

A guitar playing Bullchitz, some bright blue trousers, some nifty UV tricks from Irish dancers Celtic Colleens, Dance Angels Elite who mixed carnival and phantom of the opera, lots of average street dancing, some fairly awful magic tricks and a dog that (sort of) sang the Coronation Street theme tune.

David Hasselhoff

Inside Hoff’s Head

“Have you ever seen a dwarf rodeo? It’s really cool” The Hoff loves his dwarf rodeo.


Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec joke of the week

“Just because you didn’t get through doesn’t mean you have to ruin it for everybody else” Ant disciplines stage invader Bodie, a skateboarding dog.


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